Is a Stone Baked Pizza a Healthy Takeaway ?

Is Stone Baked Pizza a healthy Takeaway ?

With a few smart choices, you can enjoy stone baked pizza as a healthy takeaway option. Stone baked pizza, in particular, can be a healthier option when compared to deep-fried or heavily processed fast food options.

One of the main reasons why stone baked pizza is a healthy takeaway, is the beloved crust. Stone Baked Pizza are made with flour, yeast, water, and salt, which are all natural and simple ingredients. This is in contrast to fast food pizza crusts that are often made with highly processed ingredients.


Can I enjoy a Healthy Takeaway ?

The toppings on your pizza can also make a big difference in terms of healthy or not. Pizza toppings can vary widely, but a pizza with vegetables and lean protein like chicken or seafood can be a healthier option than one loaded with high-fat meats like pepperoni or sausage. These types of toppings provide you with essential nutrients and can help you feel full and satisfied for longer.

Another factor that makes stone baked pizza a healthy takeaway option. When pizza is stone baked, it’s cooked at high temperatures, which leads to a crisp crust and evenly cooked toppings. This method of baking can retain the natural flavours of the ingredients and lock in the nutrients. The high heat also makes the crust more digestible, which means that it’s easier for your body to break down and absorb the nutrients.

Additionally, it’s important to consider portion control when ordering pizza as a takeaway. Pizza is high in calories and consuming too much can lead to weight gain. A small freshly made 10″ Stone Baked Pizza can be a part of a well balanced diet and a scrumptious Healthy Takeaway treat. If you decide to have 2 x 16in Large stone Baked Pizza’s with all the trimming and sides, well that’s something else.

In conclusion, when compared to other fast food options, stone baked pizza can be a healthier takeout option. However, it’s important to choose toppings wisely, consider portion control and ask about the ingredients and preparation method. By making a few smart choices, you can enjoy pizza as a healthy takeaway option that you can feel good about eating. So next time you’re craving pizza, don’t hesitate to order one, just make sure to make the healthy choice

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