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“Get all your questions answered about Big Slice mobile pizza catering. Learn about our booking times, special dietary accommodations, payment options, and more. Find out what we need from you, our registration and insurance information, and our coverage area. Discover our selection of pizza choices and our commitment to using fresh ingredients. Learn about our capacity and availability for tastings. Contact us for further assistance or to book your event.”

1. How Long is the booking for?

Big Slice pizza buffets are for 2 hours / 3 hours, depending on the number of guests, we aim to arrive 1 hour before the booking start.

2. Do you cater for Special Dietary Needs?

Yes, Please let us know before the event about any dietary needs and we will take special steps on the day to cater for your needs. We commonly cater for Gluten free, Vegan, Veggie and also Halal only pizza buffets.

3. What are your payment terms?

When you receive your quote / invoice, you have two options pay full amount or you can have two invoices;

  1. Deposit Invoice – This is 20 percent of the booking fee and you can pay via Card or Bank Transfer
  2. Remaining Balance Invoice – This is the remaining 80 percent and will be due 10 days before the event starts, once again pay via card or bank transfer.

4. I don’t know how many guests are coming ?

This is very common with bookings, what we try to do is build a quote on a best guess and secure the booking with just a 20 percent deposit, when the final balance is due we can alter this amount to reflect the new total. Please note if the number is significantly different, then we will need to treat it as a different booking e.g we have quoted for 100 x guests and now the amount is 35.

5. What do you need from us?

All we need is good access on the day of the event for our set up. The space required is 3M x 3M (Approx 2 car parking spaces) and access to mains power.

6. Do I get to select the pizza choices?

Yes, Big Slice has a massive selection of Pizza choices for you to pick from, and even more if you can’t find the one you like we can happily make a special one just for you. See below for our pizza buffet menu.

7. Are you registered with the Food Standards Agency?

Yes, we are registered the with FSA and have a star rating of 4.

8. Do you have Public Liability insurance?

Yes, This gets renewed every November.

9. Can you set up inside a venue?

To Put it simply yes we can, however this is down to the discretion of the venue manager / ownership, we don’t have final say in this matter.

10. Where to you cover ?

Big Slice covers upto 100 Miles from Birmingham (Around 2.5 hour drive), if you are slightly over this please get in touch as we may be able to cater for your event.

11. Do you use fresh ingredients or frozen ?

Big Slice prides itself in creating freshly made dough balls with our homemade recipe and our Big Slice pizza sauce is a creation for the ages ! unlike other competitors we source locally produced ingredients for the best possible taste, as we say… FRESH IS BEST !

12. How Many people can you cater for?

We can cater for up to 200 x guests on the unlimited pizza service or 400 x guests on the Limited Pizza service. Please note if it is a large crowd, service will be slower.

13. Do you provide tastings before we book ?

Yes, we regularly attend pub, pay as you go pop up events, we will always post our schedule via social media, please get in touch before hand if you are going to attend and would like to try.

14. Where can I find your terms of service ?

We attach our terms of service with all invoices, and you can check them out via this link

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